Keys: Left / Right / Space to shoot
As time passes invaders are worth less points
Pecker Peck v0.04

A stupid JavaScript game where the only goal is to tap the screen.

It's what everyone does already so you should be a natural.

Give in to your pecking desires & peck to your hearts content.

This is just a proof of concept demo. While discussing projects that we have in development, I jokingly said that I should just make a game where the only purpose is to tap the screen. It seems to be the one skill that everyone pretty much has these days, so why not? Everywhere you look; you see people just peckin' away. Developing a game that harnesses the one and only "skill" we now have seemed like a no brainer.

We've spent months developing a business suite app that may or may not yield a profit. However, it always seems that the stupidest things go viral & slay.

I've given in & developed an app that people really want and filled a void in the market. Who needs a business app anyway... What's that? You need to manage a business? Fageta'bout it! You really need to peck that screen. It needs you & you need it!

After concluding our market research and analysis we're projecting this game to make trillions.

If anyone gets offended by this app, you're taking life too relieve some of that anger & stress by peckin' that screen of yours... It really doesn't get any stupider than this does it?

Like I said, it's just a proof of concept & really the whole thing is a joke. The source code is terrible & profane. There are global variables polluting the global namespace. It will also probably crash at some point because it's not optimized in any way & takes up more memory than it should.

So yeah, this "game" is an absolute pile.

I threw this together in about 4 days, 3 of which I spent learning to implement the HTML5 Canvas API. (It's not an API that you typically use in business software, so yeah, I had to do some homework.)

So have fun Peckin' you Peckers :)

Peace out, Brandon R. (starving full stack JavaScript developer.)

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